FNSI Results August 2011

This time I first wanted to finish the table runner I started the last FNSI. Finally I started to sew some 5 inch pieces together. I want to make a picnic quilt out of them. I don´t think that I will finish it this year, but next year we´ll have summer again... There are still a lot of rows missing. The fabric is Moda "Happy" by Me & my sister. I´ll make the stripes out of two scrap bags.

Trio for the car

On Friday I did a sewing day. I sewed a trash car bag, two covers for the belts in the car and a travel pillow. And they all were so easy to sew - why didn´t I sew them earlier?

Pillow for Christopher

I started to make a pillowcase for my boyfriend according to the quilt I made for him.

Little bag for Josie

At school I´m mentor of a "soon to be teacher". Last week was her last day at school and I´m still very sad about that. As a little farewell gift I bought a stamp with her name on it and this stamp needed a "home". So I sewed a little bag for the stamp.

FNSI Results July 2011

Yesterday I didn´t get much done. I only got the Candy Bar sewn together to end up with 5 Strips.

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